UPDATE: Muslamic Democrat’s Brother Arrested With ‘200lbs Of Explosives’


We told them but they didn’t listen. When everyone warned that newly elected Democrat Senator Ihlen Omar would open the floodgates and allow terrorism to reign supreme, liberals scoffed. But now her brother has been arrested — and guess what law enforcement got him for?

If you guessed “hundreds of pounds of improvised explosive devices,” you are correct. Unfortunately you don’t win a prize. But fortunately for the people of his hometown of Dearborn, Michigan, he didn’t have time to pull off his dastardly plan to “rain down destruction on the infidels.”

According to the FBI, Jong Harper planned to place the devices at  the three remaining Christian churches in Dearborn to “purge the evil from our great Muslammic city,” which he called the “Mecca of the West” according to the FBI.


Harper was arrested hours before his first planned attack against the Church of Christ on 14th Avenue.

Police also found numerous supplies for making shawarma, a concoction Harper says in his writings will “blow their asses up “ as well as more than $45000 worth of drugs including marijuana, cocaine, and the popular street drug “halzingers.”

Prong faces up to 30 years in prison for each bomb for a total of 100 years if he is convicted on all counts.

Omar has yet to make a statement about her brothers arrest, but we can rest assured that she probably will do everything she can to sugarcoat it.

Its time to face facts: Muslamics in Congress is bad business.

Omar recently advocated for defunding Homeland Security. Now we know why.